Dalstons Rhubarb Light Soda - 24 x 330ml

Dalstons Rhubarb Light Soda - 24 x 330ml

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This crisp, deep, refreshing sparkling rhubarb soda is crafted from 'blush' rhubarb juice and balanced with a dash of apple, for a clean but complex soda. 

REAL FRUIT - Made with real British rhubarb, sparkling spring water and distilled botanicals (natural flavours).

LOW SUGAR & NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS - Alot of care and attention goes into the real ingredients Dalston's use to make their drinks. They have not reformulated their drinks with sickly sweet, chemical tasting artificial sweeteners and never will.

VEGAN FRIENDLY - Suitable for soda loving vegans.

FULLY RECYCLABLE - All Dalstons cans, cartons and wraps are made from 100% recyclable materials.



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