Supporting our frontline workers

If you're an NHS worker

At Food Republic we recognise and appreciate the hard work our NHS staff and other frontline workers are doing at the moment to protect the UK and it's residents.

We want to reward those people by offering 20% off all orders over £40.

To get your discount code, drop us an email to with the following details;

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Mobile Number
  • A photo of your NHS ID Card

We will add you to our list of approved NHS customers and provide you your code to use on future orders until such a time as we choose to remove the discount.

Keep up the amazing work. We, and the whole of the UK, thank you!!

To support our NHS workers

You can support a member of our frontline NHS staff whilst making your Food Republic order. Food Republic is working with Fuel Our Frontline to provide grocery packages to our frontline NHS staff who are working very long shifts and need to be able to eat and sleep on their breaks rather than be out searching for groceries.

Help the people fighting this for all of us and make a donation directly to Fuel Our Frontline.

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